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Kooth Work is a Positive Virtual Environment of Mental Health for ALL employees. Kooth Work is designed to work with employers to help them discover the largest issues that their employees are facing whilst keeping them anonymous. Employees have access to a wide range of mental health tools, advice and professional support in a safe environment. Bespoke reports highlight issues such as stress, anxiety or depression in certain areas, and our expert advice provides employers with support and resources needed to help deal with problem areas.

What you can expect to find on Kooth Work

We mix & match according to the needs of your employees

Our suite of applications allows people to choose how they want to access help: Magazines, Forums, Messaging and Live Counselling. Each component can be accessed as a stand-alone or as part of a wider care package.

We are here for your staff 24/7

Access is immediate and anonymous. There is no need for a referral, no waiting lists and the service is available 24/7. There are no checks to see who has downloaded an app. For employees - ensuring that they have the freedom to explore their issues without prejudice is critical.

We use approaches that work

Our approach is informed by national evidence (eg NICE guidelines). Our interventions can work hand in hand with other evidence-based interventions and we will be ‘alongside you’ every step of the journey.

We take your employees safety seriously

Safeguarding encompasses all we do at every level of care. We know when to signpost and refer employees as well as how to psychologically hold them and keep them safe during crisis. Our signposting process can be unique to your organisation to take into account your broader benefits such as PHI.

We treat your employees as individuals

Our services are designed for real people and delivered by real people. We are human practitioners, not bots and we care about creating a service that is uniquely tailored to your individual needs.

We focus on what matters to your employees

On every part of our platform we ask for feedback on functionality and measure outcomes. 92% of our adults would recommend Kooth Work to a friend. We integrate into your company providing continuous high quality communications and articles to encourage awareness.

We never judge your staff

We treat everyone with the respect they deserve and value all points of view with genuine interest and empathy.

We use feedback to improve our services and your company

We use data and feedback from those who use our service to help design our service. We look at trends and anomalies to continuously improve our understanding of what works. We work with you to share those insights to help improve your organisation and create a psychologically safe place to work.

Case studies

Is the advertising industry ready for a mental health shake up?
Providing our frontline carers the mental health care support they deserve.
Helping David through the stresses of COVID 19 as a frontline NHS worker.

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