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We are Kooth

Pioneering great digital mental healthcare for everyone.

Our teams

Clinical, Safeguarding and Participation team

Our team of clinical psychologists and accredited counsellors are at the forefront of what we do. Flexibility, innovation and a commitment to keeping everyone safe. We have a dedicated participation function that works with a broad range of communities to understand what they want from an online therapeutic service. We design our clinical models and strategy with their full input.

Online and Face to Face Delivery teams

With over 200 counsellors and emotional wellbeing practitioners we look after thousands of service users each day. Our counsellors are BACP accredited or working towards that accreditation. Compassion and that “alongside you” feeling is critical to our unique personal approach.

Product and Technology

Our Product and Technology team is obsessed with creating accessible and effective online platforms that are effective for everyone. Creating compassionate, safe and flexible technology is what we do.

Research and Data Science

Evidence based practice is at the heart of Kooth’s mission. Our team of researchers, data scientists and analysts ensure research and data are considered in all decisions regarding the development of our service, platforms and online therapy practices.

Content and Community

Our thriving communities are the result of the support from our trained and highly skilled moderation team and our teams of journalists that work with service users to create engaging materials and communities for all. Their focus is to create that “alongside you” feeling.


We are obsessed with promoting mental health and access to our platforms. From amazing design and social media campaigns to our fabulous team of nearly 50 engagement workers that work with schools, employers, healthcare professionals and a wide range of local stakeholders to improve mental health awareness, resilience and access to our platforms.

Client Success teams

Our clients benefit from amazing insights on the communities and organisations that we serve. Our dedicated team of client success managers work tirelessly with our payors to help embed our platforms across ecosystems and use insights to help improve whole system performance

Sales, Marketing and PR

Our Sales and Marketing teams work in the UK and internationally to spread the word of Kooth and continue our purpose to provide welcoming, effective and personalised online mental health care to all.

People team

Our people team is responsible for making our company the place to work we want it to be. To hire and retain the best talent that live up to our company values.

Legal, Financial and Corporate Services

As a plc our processes and financial accuracy are critical. Our corporate team is the heart of our organisation and keeps us safe, regulated and on track.

Our leadership

Kooth Board

Tim Barker

CEO, Executive Director

Sanjay Jawa

CFO, Executive Director

Kate Newhouse

COO, Executive Director

Peter Whiting

Chairman, Non-Executive Director

Simon Philips

Non-Executive Director

Prof. Dame Sue Bailey

Independent Non-Executive

Leadership team

Dr Lynne Green

Chief Clinical Officer

Aaron Sefi

Chief Product Officer

Anna Shipman

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Winters

General Manager, Kooth America

Dr Patrick Johnston

Chief Services Officer

Management team

Ben Ievers

VP of Operations

Sam Palombella

Business Development Director

Tina Sanders

VP, Customer Success (US)

Bob McCullough

VP, Clinical Strategy (US)

Ayomi Rupasinghe

Director of Marketing

Ellen Howard

Director of Research and Data Science

Kim Rawlings

HR Manager (US)

Angela Kravets

Chief People Officer

Richard Macmillan

Head of Legal and Risk

Dr. Kath Middleton

VP of Product

Brian Rock

Clinical Director

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