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David's story

David's Story

David has been working with his NHS Trust for over 5 years. He loves his job as a programme manager. COVID 19 has been really tough for David. Not only has he been at the front of managing some of the logistical pressures in the hospital but he also separated from his wife just after Christmas. With his additional work hours and lock down restrictions he has found it really difficult to see his kids and he is really lonely. 

Before lock down he went to his GP who has put him on a waiting list for NHS IAPT services as it is suspected that David has mild to moderate depression . 

David has a great relationship with his line manager at the Trust who directed David to Kooth Work in the interim. 

David accesses Kooth Work that evening. He begins by reading some articles from service users working in the NHS and then he also explores some articles from other Dads separated from their kids. He decides to chat to one of the Kooth counsellors online and is offered a structured brief counselling intervention supported by messaging support in between sessions.

The counsellor works with David to challenge unhelpful beliefs that are maintaining his low mood, encourage self compassion and work on problem solving techniques. The counsellor also sign-posts David to relevant resources and discussion boards where he can get more community support. 

Through his counselling interventions, David makes great improvements in his mental health and decides to come off the IAPT waiting list. Right now he feels stronger and better and doesn’t feel the need to take time off work or in the evenings to attend IAPT appointments. Now lock down is relaxed he would rather spend his spare time with his kids and he knows that there is a community of support for him at Kooth should he start to slip back. 

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