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Mungo Foundation

A look into how Kooth Work has helped Scottish charity 'The Mungo Foundation' in providing mental wellbeing care.

The Mungo Foundation is a not for profit organisation with a mission to improve and enrich the lives of the most vulnerable people in our communities. The Foundation supports thousands of people in elderly care, homeless support, learning disabilities, mental health and recovery. 

The care industry has traditionally undervalued its workers and The Mungo Foundation has a uniquely supportive approach. Care workers are lower paid, carry out long shifts and are often working in very challenging environments. Much of our care industry is staffed by low paid migrant workers and they have little access to employer technology. Often staff are based in small sites and have little physical access to corporate headquarters. Care staff have been at the front line during the COVID pandemic keeping residents safe and healthy. 

The board at The Mungo Foundation wanted to provide mental health support to staff in a way that was easily accessible for everyone regardless of shift pattern and access to work technology, anonymous and welcoming for all backgrounds. The Kooth team worked with local NHS services to map local pathways across Scotland to quickly refer service users to NHS services if any staff require more help. Since our launch in July 10% of the staff have accessed Kooth and 91% are return users. 

“As someone who has previously worked in the care industry, it is a real pleasure to see how The Mungo Foundation have taken this step to provide extra support to their hard working and passionate staff. We will continue to work with the organisation to promote access and to provide engaging content on mental health to reduce stigma” Annie Meharg, Chief Commercial Officer.

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