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Philadelphia Football Star Lane Johnson Joins Kooth as Mental Health Ambassador

17 April, 2023

Kooth, a no-cost, confidential mental health service for young people in Pennsylvania, is proud to announce their new ambassador: Philadelphia All-Pro Offensive Tackle, Lane Johnson. As the first player in the league to take a leave of absence from the season due to mental health issues, Johnson has been an outspoken advocate for improving access to mental health support and is excited to join Kooth on this mission.

In November 2022, Kooth was selected as the recipient of a $3 million grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Health Services, to run a pilot program for 11 to 18 year olds within the state. The School District of Philadelphia went live with Kooth in February 2023, providing access to students across the city and its surrounding areas. This partnership with Lane Johnson will bring further awareness around mental health and provide additional support for young people in the community of Philadelphia, and across the state of Pennsylvania.

“I am thrilled to be working with Kooth on this important initiative," said Johnson. "Mental health should never be ignored or stigmatized, and I'm looking forward to helping create positive change among our kids."

Kooth provides online behavioral health services that are accessible from any device. Through their platform, users can access professional support sessions at no cost, as well as self-help tools such as mood tracking, journaling, and moderated forums.

“We are delighted that Lane is joining us as our new ambassador," said Kevin Winters, General Manager at Kooth. “At Kooth, we believe it is essential that young people have access to quality, stigma-free mental health services, so they are able to receive help quickly and when they need it most. Lane is admired by so many in the area, and for him to share our mission will go a long way to spreading the word about the service."

The partnership between Kooth and Lane Johnson represents an important step forward in breaking down stigma around mental health and providing more resources for young people in Pennsylvania. With his involvement in this initiative, Johnson hopes he can make an impact on the lives of many children facing similar issues he experienced himself.

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