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Sanaya's story

Sanaya's Story

Sanaya* (not real name) is 13.

She really had issues with her food and her body. Her parents and friends were really worried about her weight and behaviour but they didn’t know how to talk to her or where to go for help.

One day at school, a Kooth Promotion worker spoke in assembly about her own issues with eating and how Kooth can help.

That evening Sanaya logged onto Kooth anonymously from her phone.

She read an article from another user on how her eating disorder made her feel. Sanaya then posted on a forum and the Kooth moderator encouraged her to chat to a counsellor.

The Kooth counsellor worked with Sanaya over 4 sessions to explore feelings of shame or anxieties about accessing help, working within NICE guidelines, the counsellor encouraged Sanaya in the promotion of regular eating and worked with her to explore the function of the eating disorder using a CBT model. This was followed by motivational work to help encourage Sanaya to seek specialist treatment. Sanaya was referred to the local CAMHS service. Sanaya logs on to Kooth to share her stories and participate in forums when she feels she needs a little extra support. 

Sanaya says:

“I am really happy today. it's really weird [cus] one moment I was so upset and lonely now I just feel much better. this is because on Kooth I posted a discussion and someone helped me. My counsellor helped me believe in myself. Kooth helps me when I need it and that's made me have hope for the better.”

Dr Lynne Green, Chief Clinical Officer says:

“I’m so pleased for Sanaya that she came to Kooth. Through the anonymous pathway she was able to gain enough trust to reach out. The trusting therapeutic relationship she has built with the community and her counsellor has meant she has got specialist intervention quickly preventing deteriorating physical and mental symptoms. As a result of the work with Kooth she will be more engaged in her CAMHS treatment and has additional peer support when she needs it. Go Sanaya!”

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